Weekend Project: Brunch

If you’ve ever wondered how to replicate a long, luxurious, relaxed brunch at home, the secret is a bunch of friends, a raucous debate and a near endless supply of delicious food and drink. We’re here to help you with the food and drink part of the show. All you need to do for your weekend project is pick your menu and maybe assign a recipe each to a friend.

A brunch should have a mix of  savory dishes, sweet treats, salads to ease the guilt and a cocktail in your hand at all times. Here’s a list for you to pick and mix from:

Savory and Egg Dishes

Red Pepper & Herb Frittata


Eggs Benedict with Easy Hollandaise

And 3 more cool ways to cook eggs 

Sweet Treats

Lemon & Cottage Cheese Pancakes

French Toast Bread Pudding

Perfect Pancakes

Banana Bread


Poached Pear and Feta Salad

Orange & Almond Salad



Champagne Cocktail


Have a great weekend!

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