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Usal Misal

A spicy, addictive, flavorful and protein rich dish, Usal is a humble mix of sprouted beans like matki, moth or chawli in a spicy, soupy base. A full meal by itself, Usal also forms the base of a fun street food dish called Misal or Misal Pav. Misal is essentially dressed-up Usal, served with garnishes such as sevchiwda, peanuts, onions, coriander and lime, and some delicious bread or Pav to dip into the soupy mix, makes it Misal Pav.

The spicy and slightly sweet soup packed with soft sprouted beans are lifted up to snack-food heaven with the crunchiness of the sev, chiwda and peanuts and the spicy soup is balanced by the sweetness of onions and the brightness of lime and coriander to add that zing of freshness to this dish.

In some parts of Maharashtra coconut is also added to the dish. In fact, the recipe for Usal keeps varying slightly as you travel through Maharashtrian cooking styles. The Puneri Usal is not as spicy as the Kolhapuri Usal which can set your mouth on fire and make your eyes water. Whichever style you come across, eat this simple but delicious dish anytime. Breakfast, lunch, or 4PM snack, Usal Misal are just as satisfying and fulfilling.

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