Mumbai’s Top 5 Cups of Hot Chocolate

Mumbai's Top 5 cups of Hot Chocolate. A hot drink to cocoon you in its lazy warmth. What could be better...
hot chocolate

These rain drenched days with grey skies and a lovely drop in temperature are meant for cozy days spent indoors. Snuggling on the sofa, reading, watching movies or endless conversation with a hot drink to cocoon you in its lazy warmth.. what could be better. There is something therapeutic about making your own cup of hot chocolate, watching the milk and melted chocolate swirl together, taking that first delicious sip.

But if you don’t feel like making one yourself, here’s our list of favorite spots in Bombay for a cup of hot chocolate that hits the spot:

This little French creperie also serves some delicious beverages and their hot chocolate ranks amongst some of the best, particularly satisfying alongside one of their luscious dessert crepes.
Suzette at Atlanta Building, Nariman Point or Pali Hill, Bandra West

Theobroma’s hot chocolate contains more chocolate per cup than most other cups. And their Adult Hot Chocolate, a rich chocolately drink with a shot of rum or Irish Cream to warm you up further, is brilliant on a rainy day.
Theobroma at Colaba Causeway, Hiranandani Powai, Bandra West, Lokhandwala or Peddar Road

By far, our favorite hot chocolate in Mumbai. Starbucks’ hot chocolate tastes rich, thick, satisfying and most of all, a deep chocolate taste without being overly sweet. This cup is also topped with the best whipped cream that gently melts into pillowy swirls in your cup. Delicious.
Multiple outlets including Fort, Powai, Domestic Airport.

Le Pain Quotidien
The first time we had a Belgian hot chocolate at LPQ in Colaba, they served it in the most charming manner. A bowl of steaming milk and a little pot of molten chocolate that you pour into the milk. They don’t do this anymore but the hot chocolate still tastes good.
LPQ at Maker Maxity, BKC or Apollo Bunder, Colaba.

For a less indulgent but still flavorful hot chocolate, Aromas gets it right. All that chocolate flavor is intact and you have none of the slightly sinful feeling a large cup of thick hot chocolate topped with whipped cream will give you.
Aromas at Powai

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