Our Top 5 Goa Picks

For all of you planning your summer travel to Goa, here's our list of Top 5 Goa restaurants, handpicked places that embody that vibe and serve up some fantastic meals

There’s something magical about sandy beaches, warm waters, gentle waves and the sense of laid back happiness that fills you in Goa. That susegad vibe is what summer holidays are made of. And for all of you who planning your summer travel to Goa, here’s our list of Top 5 Goa restaurants, handpicked places that embody that vibe and serve up some fantastic meals:

Mix Bar & Grill: Radiates a lazy vibe that makes you want to sit there for hours. Their menu is small but interesting, created using local produce. The blackened chicken is a must try, with a touch of honey and tangy burst of orange making this dish a hit.

George: George relies on a mix of fresh fish and home ground spices to make sure you keep coming back for more. The Crab Cafreal is a gorgeously tasty treat with the sweet crab meat taken to heavenly heights by the rich spicy green gravy.

Longuinhos: If you are craving a slice of vintage Goa, we recommend heading to Longuinhos located smack in the heart of Margaon. Their Fish Curry and bitter sweet Caramel Custard make for a near-perfect Goan meal.

Maracas: For a fun night out, loads of cocktails and conversation and really interesting, tasty food, Maracas, Goa’s first Tapas Bar is a great spot to visit.

Republic of Noodles: For great food, style and ambience, head to Republic of Noodles. Housed in the Lemon Tree hotel in Candolim, the restaurant serves up authentic and brilliant dishes from all over South East Asia. From Phad Thai to Vietnamese spring rolls to a delicious Indonesian Rendang, you can try it all here.

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