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Theobroma was one of the first bakeries in Bombay that I fell in love with and there was a time that I would boldly proclaim to anyone that would listen, ‘Theobroma’s brownies are the best I’ve ever had, anywhere in the world.’

And now, either my tastes have changed or their recipes have and their brownies are no longer my favorite, but there is still something about this patisserie that keeps me coming back. From the heart-warming story of a family that lovingly built Theobroma together, to the delicious treats they sell. Theobroma is now 5 branches strong and with a branch less than 10 minutes from home, the patisserie continues to warm the heart and taste buds.

Theobroma’s display cases are always filled with old favorites as well new experiments such as their version of the Cronut that had taken New York by storm. The Cookie Brownie here is still a fabulous brownie and the balance between the slight crunch of the cookie and the lush chocolate brownie makes every bite a joy. Even their Red Velvet cake is probably the best version in the city.

But the current highlight of their display case has to be their Gianduja Eclair. An unassuming looking eclair, filled with a divine hazelnut cream that is as addictive as it is unexpected. Light and airy choux pastry, mildly sweet and delicious hazelnut filling, topped with a dark chocolate ganache to add a rich heft to an otherwise almost airy confection, this eclair is perfection and I fervently hope the recipe remains the same for a long time to come.

Visit Theobroma at either their Colaba, Bandra, Powai, Peddar Road or Lokhandwala branches and experience the joy of that eclair and more.

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