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Top Vegetarian Recipes of 2013

People either campaign rabidly for vegetarian food or denounce it in favour of meatier food. What seems to be forgotten is the simple fact that vegetarian food can be absolutely delicious and satisfying…

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oatmeal porridge

Making Porridge Sexy

What we really need is a sexier version of porridge that has all the wholesomeness, warmth, comfort intact but is dressed up and brings a little oomph to winter mornings…

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Til good dink laddu sankrant jamshedpur Kolkatta

Til gud kha ani godh godh bola…

Sankranti, Lohri, Uttarayan….is celebrated each year on the 14th of Jan. The skies in Gujarat are filled with different shapes and colors of kites flying freely. In Bihar, it about the color yellow, eating Kichdi ( a dish made with rice, dal, vegetables) is considered auspicious…

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hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Sometimes… when the skies are like lead and the rain just won’t let up…a shot of dark, delicious, hot chocolate sets the world in order.

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