Nahoum & Sons, Kolkata

Nahoum is a haven of confectionary and baked goods. There is no mistaking the red shutters and the delicious smells wafting out of the store. The next time you are in Kolkata, make sure you head there to fill up on the history and deliciousness they have on offer…

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Til good dink laddu sankrant jamshedpur Kolkatta

Jamshedpur & Kolkata: Places to eat

Litti Choka is the national dish of Bihar and Jharkand and is especially favored during the winters. Litti are a little similar to puff pastry and are filled with Sattu, a special flour made from a mix of different pulses, a specialty of Bihar…

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Banana Leaf, Calcutta

Everyone probably has a go-to restaurant — that one comfort place you can always go to and are certain you won’t go wrong with the order. That one place that feels closest to home.

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