Horchata is a delicious, creamy, refreshing drink…usually made out of rice, nuts, coconut and flavored with Cinnamon. Horchata is a perfect summer drink.

Wassail Punch

The name of this punch, Wassail, means ‘be you healthy’ in Old English…is a drink associated with Christmas, winters, and warm happy gatherings



Kanji is a tangy, spicy fermented drink with the delicious sharpness of mustard through it. Simple to make, the preparation takes only about 15 mins.

Agua de Tamarindo

A personal favorite is the Agua de Tamarindo, the tamarind flavored aguas frescas that tastes magical. Sweet, sour, ice cold, deliciousness.

summer drinks coolers

Summer Coolers

Rising temperatures leave us craving for that one perfect drink that will leave us quenched and refreshed and revitalized. Here’s a list of our favorite summer coolers to beat this sweltering heat…

hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Sometimes… when the skies are like lead and the rain just won’t let up…a shot of dark, delicious, hot chocolate sets the world in order.

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