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Summer Coolers

Rising temperatures leave us craving for that one perfect drink that will leave us quenched and refreshed and revitalized. Here’s a list of our favorite summer coolers to beat this sweltering heat.

Kanji: A tangy, spicy, fermented drink with the sharpness of mustard running through it. Here’s how you can make it…in just 15 mins!

Horchata: Flavored with cinnamon, the Horchata is a delicious creamy drink from South America.

Golas: Fruit syrup poured over crushed ice, tightly packed around a stick and the whole lot sprinkled with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lime leave with you happy cool feeling good enough for a few hours to beat the sun. Here’s a quick recipe of a Mojito gola.

Super easy chocolate ice cream: An ice cream that takes 7.5 mins to put together and tastes like a sophisticated, layered, delicious dream. What more can one ask for!

Agua de Tamarindo: A summer drink from Mexico made with a home grown ingredient. This drink is a sweet, sour and refreshing joy on a hot summer day.

Note: If you are not a DIY person, here’s a list of some of the most highly recommended ice cream parlors around the country.

Hope you’re having a great summer!

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