strawberry pancake cointreau

Strawberries in Cointreau

Ripe, sweet strawberries are a sensual experience all on their own and can be made more special with the addition of a few simple ingredients. And with Valentines Day coming up, you’re going to want this simple and sexy dessert in your arsenal to impress your date.

To make this boozy, sensual dessert, you need just 3 ingredients and a little imagination for how you serve the end result. Soaking strawberries in Cointreau along with some icing sugar will draw out some lovely juices from the strawberries and the berries themselves will take on the orange flavoured liquor for a zesty, delicious taste. Spoon the Cointreau soaked strawberries and the lovely pink syrup that will have formed around them into a pretty serving bowl or serve them over a scoop of ice cream, pancakes or a slice of chocolate cake.

Guaranteed to impress whoever tastes this.

Strawberries in Cointreau


500 gr Strawberries
2-3 tbs Cointreau
2-3 tbs Icing Sugar


Hull the strawberries and either halve them or slice them as you prefer. Place in a bowl and toss through sugar and Cointreau. Cover and leave for an hour or so.

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