How to shortlist a quality caterer

By Manav Paul, owner and chef of Mix Studio, Delhi NCR.

How to choose a quality caterer

A happy stomach makes a heart content and the measure of the success of any event is usually the food. If we love and remember the meal after the event, we think warmly of it, and therefore, of the event too. And so the responsibility falls heavily upon the shoulders of the caterers. In recent times there has been an upsurge of caterers, flourishing to meet an increasing demand. Some are well known names but many others are new and some not very experienced.

To avoid any potential disasters and to be sure you’re getting what you wanted, here are a few quick guidelines for finalizing a caterer:

  • The referral: Relyon word of mouth over advertising when picking a caterer. Pick a caterer that has been tried and tested and reviewed well and save yourself potential pain. A reference from a satisfied customer does far more for a caterer’s brand than advertising ever could. And do not hesitate to ask for references from your prospective caterer. Luckily, the internet is a good resource to look for customer testimonials and reviews.
  • Attentive listening: You put a lot of time into the details and design for your event, the theme, budget, etc. Your caterer must give you the same kind of attention. A caterer that poses questions about your requirements as well as takes the time to answers your queries in initial conversations is a responsive caterer.
  • Specialties and flexibility: All experienced chefs have that one specialty that is their signature. It could be a cuisine, a dish or a philosophy. Zero in on a caterer that has experience at your kind of event and one whose specialty excites you. They must also be flexible enough to make accommodations for allergies and dietary preferences and have the ability to get creative with special requests. Some caterers provide a proficient staff for serving while some just deliver the plated food. For large gatherings, do ensure they have access to trained staff, preferably their own team.
  • Sampling: Ask your caterer to arrange a sampling session. Some may require you to make a payment for a tasting session although there are some caterers that are happy to do it free of charge. Tastings will give you an idea not only of the taste but also of the presentation.

And two less exciting but equally important points to remember:

  • Insurance& Safety: Particularly for large events, you should check what kind of insurance cover your caterer has so that you don’t suffer any loss or legal damages due to unforeseen negligence. Also check for the safety measures they follow in their food preparation.
  • Clear instructions about Cancellation: A well-defined cancellation policy is a must for both parties. In case the caterer must cancel, what measures do they take to make sure the show must go on? Do they refer you to other quality caterers? Do they refund 100% money? Make sure to find all such details in their cancellation plan to save you from last minute anxiety.

If you’re looking for a great caterer in the Delhi NCR region to cater to your house parties, birthday parties, weddings or even for corporate events, take a look at their fine dining and catering business here.

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