Rich Hot Chocolate Mix

A super easy recipe to make your own hot chocolate mix that you can store in a jar and pull out when you want to make incredibly creamy cups of cocoa.
hot chocolate

There’s still a little nip in the air in Bombay and from what we hear, it’s only getting colder in most of the north. What that means for us is more days to enjoy warm cups of hot chocolate. Creamy, lush, decadent and delicious, we love this drink. And we love making large pots of these when we have a bunch of people over.

While we have our one mug recipes for hot chocolate that we love going to when we’re by ourselves, this recipe is perfect for making large batches of hot chocolate. It’s a super easy recipe to make your own hot chocolate mix that you can store in a jar and pull out when you want to make incredibly creamy cups of cocoa.

This mix is enough to make 10-12 large servings of hot chocolate but makes a drink rich enough that even smaller helpings go a long way. We once made 2 litres of hot cocoa using all of this mix.

Ingredients like corn flour may sound a little unsexy but that’s how thick, luscious Spanish Hot Chocolates get their thick, rich texture.

Mix it, store it in a pretty jar as part of your hosting arsenal or even give it away as a gift.


Rich Hot Chocolate Mix


4 heaped tbs Cocoa Powder (good quality, unsweetened cocoa powder)
4 heaped tbs Icing Sugar
2 heaped tbs Malted Milk Powder (like Horlicks)
2 heaped tbs Corn Flour
Pinch of Cinnamon
Large pinch of Salt
Additional sugar, to taste


Mix everything together with a whisk before filling in a jar or spoon directly into a jar and shake it all up. Store in an airtight jar in a cool, dry place.

You need about 1 1/2 heaping tbs for 1 large cup of hot chocolate. To make a litre of hot chocolate, you’ll need about 8 heaping tbs. This makes a dark, rich, thick hot cocoa.

Heat the milk. Add the hot chocolate mix to the milk and stir, using a whisk is best. Let it simmer till it thickens. Add a little more sugar if some drinkers want a less dark version.



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