Renu Bhabhi’s Gond Badam Ke Laddu

Laddus like this Gond Badam ka Laddu hold the flavours of winter in a single mouthful. They are hearty and warm, bringing the mellow heat of ginger and pepper along with the wholesome richness of almonds and coconut together in each delicious bite.

A traditional winter dessert as well as a restorative food eaten by new mothers, these laddus are considered wholesome, healthy and are even thought to immunise against colds.

Note: Gond is a slighty chewy, gummy resin that looks like little crystals. It is considered a warming food, great to be eaten during cold winters.

Gaund Badam Ke Laddu


750g – 1kg Whole Wheat Flour (Aata)
500g Almonds, roughly chopped
1 – 1 1/2 Dry Coconut, grated
200g Gond, fine, fried in some ghee
500 – 750g Sugar
1 1/2 spoon Sonth (Dry Ginger Powder)
1 1/2 spoon Black Pepper, crushed
1/2 spoon Peepar (optional)
500g – 750g Ghee


Heat the 500-750g of Ghee over a gentle flame in a heavy bottomed pan. Add the flour and gond and stir over a medium flame for around 15 minutes, till the mixture is light brown. Let it cool.

Add the remaining ingredients, mix well and shape into balls. You could even store the mixture in a container and serve and eat by the spoonful.

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