Ramadan in Mumbai

Ramadan evenings in market areas around Dargahs and Mosques are fabulous feast and market nights and visiting one of these in your city is an Chicken tikkaexperience not to be missed. Throngs of people walking past street vendors selling mouth watering kebabs, malpuas and more. Don’t take your car but definitely head out to experience the colours, lights, heady aromas and delicious treats. Here’s two neighbourhoods we like in Mumbai:

Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai:

This area can be a maze and a bit bewildering with so much to choose from, from grilled meats to fat malpuas. Try out anything that catches your fancy. That’s the real experience. But here are a couple of stops that are sure to deliver.

Nalli Nihari, White Biryani and Sanju Baba Chicken just for kicks at Noor Mohammedi Hotel, Wazir Building, Mohammed Ali Road, Bhendi Bazaar

ferniFirni and Malai Khaja at Suleiman Usman Mithaiwala Classic firni Rs25, flavoured Rs32–Rs34; lurid halwas. 175, I. M. Merchant Road, Minara Masjid. 2346 5059.

Mahim, Mumbai:

Try the Khichda (Only on Wednesdays and Sundays), Biryani and more at Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar, Opp. St. Michael Bheja fryChurch, 18, Lady Jamshedjee Road, Mahim

Or walk down the lane heading to Mahim Darga and walk past stalls and stalls of Beef and Chicken kebabs stuffed in Pav, Shawarmas and plenty more.

End the walk at Usman Suleman Mithai Wala to experience the variety and try some dry fruit mithais.

And to really satisfy your sweet tooth, stop of at Paramount for their pudding.

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