Quick & easy potato recipes

Potato is our knight in shining armour vegetable. It helps us rescue food when we have added too much salt (yes, potato absorbs the excess salt) or when we have made too little of anything, just add the diced potatoes and voila! you have more of it. It can be creamy, perfect savoury or even crisp and always, satisfying.

So here’s a few of our favorite potato recipes

Tuk: A delicious Sindhi dish of deep fried potatoes, crispy, spicy and tangy. Click here for the recipe

Bihari potato stew: A quintessential Bihari dish which is quick to make and easy to cook with the potatoes being cooked in its own juice. Click here for the recipe.

Panch Phoron Potato:  A speedy dish of earthy and fragrant potatoes, much tastier than the sum of its parts.  Click here  for the recipe.

Sweet Potato fries two ways :This one belongs to the Potato family and is simply irresistible. The herbed fries taste wholesome and mild while the spiced fries taste sweet, tangy and just a little phenomenal. Click here for the recipe

Mashed Potato: Easy to cook, earthy and packed with flavors. Adds that extra punch to a simple wholesome meal. Try it with some kichdi. Click here  for  the recipe.

Potato & Onion soup : A soup that will comfort you like a soft quilt on a cold day. It’s smooth, almost creamy, and super flavourful, made from the simplest ingredients available in every kitchen. Click here to get that warm feeling.


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