Eatelish Delights Madras Cafe Box


Eatelish Delights Madras Cafe box brings the finest of Tamil Nadu home cooking in the form of 3 unique thokku and flavour packed mint and coconut rice mixes.

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In this Madras Café box you will find the finest of Tamil Nadu’s home cooking. There are 3 kinds of thokku, relishes that are unique to Tamil Nadu but universal in their delicious appeal. Served with curd rice, with a paratha, or slathered on a slice of bread, you can’t go wrong with these. There are also two rice mixes that are packed with flavor and perfect for busy cooks.

Here’s what you’ll find in your Madras Café box:

Onion Thokku –A relish with the undeniable sweetness of onions and a magical mélange of flavours that enhance the onions to make a side dish that will keep you going back for more.

Tomato & Onion Thokku – Tomatoes, onion and garlic, these three ingredients together make the most delicious flavour combination whether in an Italian pasta sauce, and Indonesian sambal or in this case, a thokku from Tamil Nadu. Spicy, sweet, salty and even a hint of the grassy bitterness of curry leaves, this thokku is perfectly balanced deliciousness

Coriander Thokku – Earthy, green and tangy, this coriander thokku is another fantastic example of the variety of thokkus made in Tamil Nadu. Delicious on its own, it could also be added to some sour cream or hung curd to make a unique dip.

Pudina Sadam – A fragrant and flavorful mint rice dish from Tamil Nadu where a variety of quick rice dishes are a standard in the kitchens of busy home cooks. This little Pudina Sadam mix will set you on your way to creating your own Mint Rice in super quick time. Just add rice and the mix will do the rest.

Thengai Sadam – A flavorful Coconut rice dish from Tamil Nadu that tastes hearty and wholesome. This Thengai Sadam mix enable you to create a Coconut rice meal super fast.

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