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Our latest box of Eatelish contains beautiful, handcrafted teas from Tea Trunk(, and some delicious cookies from venerable bakeries around Bombay.

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Chai seems to be India’s national drink and in addition to the ubiquitous masala chai, there are plenty of different ways we love our teas in India. There’s the lemongrass infused tea the Parsi’s like, the Saffron Kahwa of Kashmir, the Butter Tea of Ladakh and the Cutting Chai of Bombay. And we have our favourite Nashtas to go with our Chai that range from Samosas and Sandwiches to delicate namkeen, khari and crunchy cookies.

Our latest box of Eatelish  contains beautiful, handcrafted teas from Tea Trunk(, and some delicious cookies from venerable bakeries around Bombay.

Tea Trunk’s teas are specially handcrafted by a tea sommelier after days of tasting, refining and re-tasting, so that you get nothing but the very best from India’s tea gardens—with all the flavour and health benefits intact.

Bombay’s oldest and best loved bakeries are often tucked away in the tiny lanes of Bombay’s Gaothans, and this is where we’ve picked our selection of special cookies to go with your cuppa.

In the box:

Chilli Chai – India’s favorite masala chai blended with Indian spices and a hint of red chilli flakes. As unique as it is fiery and bold, each tin of Chilli Chai has red chilli flakes combined with the heady woodiness and warmth of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and vanilla in loose leaf Black tea. This distinctive tea will knock your socks off!  Warm with an after taste of chilli, goes really well with cookies or piping hot samosas.

You’ll also find a recipe for a Chili Chai Cake that is spiced, lemony and delicious.

Lemon Tea & Ginger Root Tea –  Sample the finest green tea from Darjeeling combined with bits of real lemon rind to make a zesty wake-me-up drink. Also try the ginger root combined with whole-leaf Assam black tea. This makes a cuppa that is the perfect antidote to everything – from a blocked nose to a broken heart.

Coconut Macaroons  – A specialty from an old Irani bakery, these coconut cookies are delicious chewy confections, mildly sweet and perfectly coconutty. We love them with tea and sometimes when we’re feeling particularly indulgent, dipped in pure, dark melted chocolate.

Sesame & Semolina Cookies – Discovered at an old Bazaar Road bakery, they call these cookies white macaroons and we don’t mind what they call them as long as we can please have more. Crunchy cookies flecked with sesame seeds, they are the perfect tea-time accompaniment.

Jeera Butter Biscuits – From the same Bazaar Road bakery, these distinctly Indian biscuits are buttery and mildly savory and when that 4pm hunger hits, they hit the spot like nothing else can.

About Eatelish Boxes

Eatelish Boxes bring the incredible and diverse tastes of India to your table so you can sample the best artisanal creations, handpicked for you.

Every couple of months, we’ll bring you a unique themed box introducing you to exciting flavors and ideas, paired with recipes to bring those flavors to life in your kitchen.

If something in your box makes you particularly happy and you simply must have more, you let us know at and we will ship you what you need at special rates.



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