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A collection of spice mixes from 3 different regions of India – Kerala, Jharkhand and Bombay. These spice mixes are unique to their native regions and are used to make delicious meals that highlight the flavours of the region.

Achari Tikka Masala: This spice mix is a favourite for making Aam ka achar but we think an even more delicious thing to do with it is make Achari Tikkas that are perfect to eat on a cool evening. Tangy, bright, fragrant, this masala turns out delicious, succulent tikkas you can’t get enough of. Find the recipe card in the box.

Malabar Biryani Masala: Whole spices from Cochin’s spice market, these beautiful, fragrant spices are dry roasted, ground and used as a masala to prepare India’s finest Biryani – The Malabar Biryani. Aromatic, delicate, delicious. East Indians are Bombay’s native Christian community with their own unique cuisine, the star of which is the elusive

East Indian Bottle Masala: Families have secret recipes for this fragrant spice mix that is used in many East Indian dishes and is made up of over 30 different spices, roasted, ground and usually stored in old beer bottles.

100g each of Achari Tikka Masala and Malabar Biryani Masala and 50g of East Indian Bottle Masala 

About Eatelish Boxes:

Eatelish boxes bring the incredible and diverse tastes of India to your table so you can sample the best artisanal creations, handpicked for you.

Every couple of months, we’ll bring you a unique themed box introducing you to exciting flavors and ideas, paired with recipes to bring those flavors to life in your kitchen.

If something in your box makes you particularly happy and you simply must have more, let us know at and we will ship you what you need at special rates.



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