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Eatelish Boxes: The Bihari Box

The earthy, distinct flavors of Bihari cuisine in one box. Whip up a Bihari feast this festive season with these 4 delicious options.

Achari Tikka Masala:?This spice mix is a favorite for making?Aam ka achar?but we think an even more delicious thing to do with it is make Achari Tikkas that are perfect to eat on a cool evening. Tangy, bright, fragrant, this masala turns out delicious, succulent tikkas you can?t get enough of.

Bihari Bhuna Masala:?A mix of roasted and ground spices used to make the simplest Bihari stir-fry dishes called Bhujia. Everyday-meals become more special when you can turn potatoes into Aloo Ki Bhujia or Okra into Bhindi Ki Bhujia. Fragrant and delicious dishes made from this special blend of spices.

Sattu ka Ghol:?This Desi cooler from Bihar is refreshing & savoury, with a hint of Jeera and traditional Sendha namak. An Indian superfood, rich source of protein, great for gut health. All you need to do, is, add some water and chopped onions (only if you like the crunch and sweetness) and it?s ready to serve.

Lal Mirch Achaar:?Fresh red chilis filled with a mix of their own seeds, mustard & fennel seeds and spices and left to soak up the sun before being pickled in mustard oil. Fiery, bright and delicious. The heat you feel on your lips and tongue will be worth it as every bite is a wild flavour experience.

100g each in a box



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About Eatelish?Boxes:

Eatelish?Boxes?brings the incredible and diverse tastes of India to your table so you can sample the best artisanal creations, handpicked for you.

Every couple of months, we?ll bring you a unique themed box introducing you to exciting flavors and ideas, paired with recipes to bring those flavors to life in your kitchen.

If something in your box makes you particularly happy and you simply must have more, you let us know at? we will ship you what you need at special rates.


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