Pizza Roma

Pizza Roma right at the entrance of Hiranandani, is unfortunately, quite blink-and-miss in terms of location. That’s unfair. It’s located well but is small and hidden and hard to know it exists unless you’re looking for it.

Too small for a sit down meal, it’s great for a home delivered working lunch. You do however need to order well in advance of your hunger pangs as they took 50 minutes to deliver our order. We were located about 15 minutes away.

By the time our doorbell rang and the bright pizza boxes made their way into the kitchen, there was a divine smell spreading everywhere. We only pretended to wait for a few minutes before we couldn’t take it any longer. And the pizzas didn’t disappoint at all. Thin crust pies that come in a very large range of toppings, Roma’s pizza’s are a great new addition, ranking higher than pizza chains and only a smidge below the better class of italian restaurants.

We’ve tasted the Bellasai, generously strewn with mushrooms and onions, the Quattro Formaggi, brightly golden and laden with four unctuous cheeses of which the smoked scamorza plays hero, the Rustico, speckled with red buttons of sundried tomato and roasted chicken, Roma Chicken with olives, jalapenos and roasted chicken and the Verona – bacon, sausage and cheddar cheese.

Since that very first time, we’ve had the Verona about five more times and without a doubt, it is a delight. Each time we’ve ordered it, the slices of Verona disappear faster than all the others. It’s a savory, meaty, juicy explosion of flavor and you just can’t go wrong with it. The flavors on the Verona are what a pizza is made for, even if the bacon is a bit spare.

The only thing they need to work on is perhaps a change in their dough recipe so that the pizzas are crisper when they reach their destinations.

Their pizzas range from Rs.200 to Rs.520 and a large pizza feeds two. Unless you’re feeling particularly greedy..and that Verona might just do that to you.

Pizza Roma
50, Hiranandani Gardens, JVLR, Powai Plaza, Mumbai, Ch+91 22 66979992

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