Peanut Noodles or Dry Khow Suey

We had an excellent lunch on a recent trip to Burma Burma, an all vegetarian Burmese restaurant in Mumbai. Their menu is long and quite intriguing and we’d love to make another trip with a larger group so we can order everything we wanted to. One dish in particular deserves a special mention. Every food lover in India is probably familiar with Khow Suey by now but Burma Burma turns the dish on its head. In addition to the traditional Khow Suey, they also serve a Dry Khow Suey.

This Dry Khow Suey is a delicious bowl of noodles generously coated in a fragrant spice mix and if we had to guess, a lot of peanuts ground up into the curry paste. The dish is served with some lime and a sweet savory sprinkling of what looks like cornflake chiwda and the combination makes for bright and surprising flavours.

The dish lingered in our memory and if we lived close to Burma Burma, we’d have ordered a few more servings over the next few days. What we did instead was use the memory as inspiration to create a dish that comes perfectly close in terms of satisfaction.

Peanut Noodles


400g Noodles (we used and loved Capellini pasta instead)
1 Onion
1 clove Garlic
1 tbs chopped Celery
1 inch Galangal
Salt to taste
Pinch of Turmeric (Optional)
1/3 cup toasted Peanuts, ground to a powder
1/2 cup grated Coconut , toasted brown
2-3 tbs oil
1/4 cup Cornflakes Chiwda
Grind the onion, garlic, celery and galangal to a paste. Pour the oil in a hot pan and fry the aromatic paste till fragrant and starting to go brown. Add salt and turmeric if using, stir and let it cook for a minute or so. Add the ground peanuts and stir. Add enough water to make a paste. Cook for a minute or so.  Add coconut and enough water to make a paste. Cook for a few minutes.
Cook noodles as per instructions depending on the noodles you’re using. In a large dish, toss the noodles with the fragrant paste till all the noodles are well coated.
Top with cornflakes chiwda and serve with lime wedges.

1 thought on “Peanut Noodles or Dry Khow Suey”

  1. Thank you for this amazing recipe. My family and i love Burma Burma and especially their dry khowsuey.
    It is simply brilliant!
    Thanks a ton, yet again!

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