Best things to do with Paneer

Paneer is the go-to source of deliciousness and protein for most vegetarians and considering how good it tastes just on its own, it's really hard to go wrong with paneer in any dish.
Peela Paneer

Paneer is the go-to source for tastiness and protein for most vegetarians and considering how good it tastes just on its own, it’s really hard to go wrong with paneer in any dish.

Here are our favourite things to do with this soft, delicious cheese:

Fresh Paneer:

Fresh paneer cut into cubes, sprinkled with a little salt and pepper or chaat masala tastes mild and creamy and is a cool, satisfying snack. Homemade Paneer that hasn’t been pressed for very long and is still crumbly is great for a Bhurji or to be used in a Paratha or to fill in a sandwich.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikkas are thick, firm slices of paneer, coated in a spiced marinade and grilled till they gain a slightly smoky char or a golden crust. This Achari Tikka Masala makes tangy, bright, succulent tikkas you can’t get enough. Shop the masala here.


Soft, creamy, store bought paneer is great for bhurjis too but even for desserts like this cheesecake. This cheescake uses Paneer instead of cream cheese and the results are a light but firm and satisfyingly full cheesecake. Tangy, sweet and smooth, it can be eaten plain, or dressed up with macerated strawberries, sliced alphonso mangoes, stewed fruit, caramel, and anything else you can dream up. 


Slightly firmer paneer is perfect for curries like Methi Paneer and Kashmiri Peela Paneer, both so utterly delicious and unusual, you’re going to love making and eating these dishes.


Even salads are improved with a few firm cubes of paneer tossed in. Skip the bocconcini in the Spinach & Cherry Tomato Salad and add paneer instead or bulk up this Detox Salad with some paneer.


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