New York Diary #2 – Arepas

Every time we come across something for the first time ever, the world looks like a brighter, richer place. This applies to even the smallest of food discoveries, especially the delicious kind.

Walking around the East Village in New York, we stumbled on to a little red and glass shop. The place, named Caracas Arepa Bar, immediately stood out as a place specializing in something we hadn’t ever heard of and had to try.

Arepas are a lovely, sort of flat, bread made of corn flour and are something of a staple in Venezuela. They remind one a little of a crispy idli in terms of texture and at Caracas, they serve them like little sandwiches filled to the brim with interesting fillings.arepas

There are Arepas filled with grilled chorizo, shredded beef, chicken, black beans, avocado and so much more. The highlight for us was the arepa called La Mulata at Caracas. Filled with incredibly delicious, soft, grilled white cheese, black beans, plantain, sautéed sweet peppers and jalapeños, la Mulata was so good. Sweet soft fried plantain, fantastic cheese, delicious black beans, all with the wonderfully textured Arepa surrounding everything.

If you’re in New York, definitely have an Arepa and expand your horizons.

Caracas: 93 1/2 E 7th St, New York in the East Village

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