Eatelish Previews Mumbai’s First Microbrewery – Barking Deer

Barking Deer...will no doubt be more conducive to many more hours and Rupees spent at this new microbrewery and restaurant.
Barking deer Microbrewery Bombay

Bombay is finally getting its very own Microbrewery with gleaming copper tanks and fresh beer made on the premises at Barking Deer in Lower Parel. Bangalore and Delhi have had a few for a while and though the beer has been a bit hit and miss at most microbreweries, the idea is fantastic and thriving.

Barking Deer is opening opposite Blue Frog and is joining a clutch of cool bars and restaurants in that neighborhood. They’re still waiting for all their licenses to come through and aren’t serving alcohol yet but we had the chance to check the place out before it opens it’s doors and had an afternoon that foretells many a fun brunch flowing into an evening of beer, food and raucous conversation.

They have an interesting and varied enough menu to entertain a wide range of tastes and while their vegetarian fare needs a few tweaks to hit the right notes, they serve a delicious steak and some fun little bar snacks. Of the food we ordered, what stood out were the Chicken Longs with Whiskey Mayo, Blue Cheese Empanadas and some Calamari to start with and when we moved to the mains, the succulent and beautifully sauced Steak and a dish of Prawns and CousCous.

Fun, tasty and inventive food and the prices are nothing like Blue Frog. Barking Deer is a little more affordable than some of its neighbours and this will no doubt be more conducive to many more hours and Rupees spent at this new microbrewery and restaurant.

We’re excited to see what  Gregory Kroitzsh and Benjamin Johnson do with Barking Deer and even more so to taste the beer they’ll be brewing in those gleaming copper tanks.

Barking Deer, Opening Soon Opp. Blue Frog, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai,

Number: 022 6141 7400

Note: Barking Deer opens Thursday, 28th February 2013, serving alcohol although you’ll have to wait just a little longer for their house brewed beers.

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