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Maracas, Goa

Located in Bardez, directly opposite Charles Sobhraj’s famous hangout o’Coqueiro, is Maracas, Goa’s first Tapas bar. Maracas is a relaxed, trendy little spot that is a lounge, a bar, but most importantly, a restaurant with good cocktails and a great menu. Although right in the middle of a highway, the place still has a very beachy, Goa vibe and it’s wonderful to sit outside on a sultry evening.

We arrived on a busy night and settled in for a long evening of cocktails and tasty treats. We started with a Crab Dip, Crab, garlic, onions and chili, cooked in cream cheese and mozzarella. Cheesy with a strong crab flavor, it was hot, lovely and molten. The crackers ran short but the dip was so good we really wanted more things to dip into it. There might have been a touch too much black pepper but this dish has so much potential.

We then moved on to a dish of hummus with Goan sausage. Both interesting elements, quite tasty in their own right, can blow minds when combined together. With a popping lemony flavor, this dish was unforgettable. This was followed up Onion Rings that were salty, crunchy and with a little kick of chili mixed into the batter. Served with a spicy mayo, these were an absolute treat.

Much is said about their Sliders and they do tell you to allow for extra time for them to arrive, but really allow for extra time for everything. However, the food is great so sit back and sip on a few cocktails and enjoy your company while you wait. When the Baconater Sliders finally arrive, it is an umami explosion. They are tangy and delicious and absolutely worth the wait.

For a fun night out, loads of cocktails and conversation and really interesting, tasty food, Maracas is a great spot to visit in Goa.

Maracas, House No. 250B, Opposite O’Coqueiro,  NH 17, Bardez, Goa

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2 thoughts on “Maracas, Goa”

  1. I endorse this restaurant maracas, as I visited it during my tip to Goa. The anbience, food is great and the Propriotor very engaging and friendly. Totally relaxed atmosphere where great food is serv ed at great value.
    look forward to my next visit there.

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