Konkani Sukke Poha

As a Poha lover, I’ve had countless variations - with onions, without onions, with vegetables, with peanuts, with sugar even, with tomatoes in some places..
Dried Poha

It’s wonderful when one can still be surprised by new flavors and textures, especially when the ingredients are so familiar. As a Poha lover, I’ve had countless variations – with onions, without onions, with vegetables, with peanuts, with sugar even, with tomatoes in some places, with too much chili, with a wonderful splash of lemon, with onions seeds and saunf, and even something called Bread Poha. I thought I’d seen it all, when one morning, I was gently awoken to a tray of this amazing Konkani breakfast and a steaming cup of chai to wash it down. This dish was a delight in every way. The gesture, the look, the texture, the flavor. Everything was new. It was fresh tasting, savory and sweet, exciting, ever so slightly crunchy, and absolutely delicious.

‘This dish was a delight in every way…the texture, the flavor…fresh tasting, savory and sweet…and absolutely delicious.’

This dish, called Sukke Poha, meaning dry poha, is unbelievably simple to put together, especially on a weekend morning when you’ve woken up too late and are too ravenous to wait for an elaborate breakfast. Try it this weekend and prepare to be completely charmed.

Mitika, my lovely host who woke me with breakfast in bed, got this recipe from her Konkani mother-in-law, Prabha Kamat, who we really hope we get to meet again soon. She’s a formidable, fascinating, fun lady and a fantastic cook, who we hope is as forthcoming with her recipes as she is with her stories.

Sukke Poha

Serves 4

5 fistfuls or just about 2 cups of Thin Poha or Kerala Poha 5
2 large Onions, finely chopped
3 Green chilies, chopped
5 tbs Coconut, grated
2 cubes or about 3 ½ to 4 tbs Jaggery, grated
Salt to taste
Coriander powder to taste


Add everything but the poha to a bowl and toss together. Then add the poha. Lightly wet your palms and toss everything together with your hands. The onions and salt will moisten this dish just right, leaving it fluffy and with a firm bite.

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