The jalebis in Jodhpur have got to be the most delicious jalebis around. They are thinner and crispier than jalebis everywhere else.
Budhiya Jalebi

We just posted a recipe for some delicious Malpua recently and the same halwai that shared that recipe with us also told us how he makes his absolutely amazing jalebis. 

The jalebis in Jodhpur have got to be the most delicious jalebis around. They are thinner and crispier than jalebis everywhere else and they’re also richer, more elegant tasting. There are subtle flavors, all of them subtly rounded out by the wonderful ghee these funnel cakes are fried in.

One of the most wonderful things that Jodhpuris do with jalebis is dunk them in hot milk on cold winter mornings and evenings. It is an absolute delight. With or without milk, try this recipe out.



For the batter:

1 kg All purpose flour
5-10 gmYeast
Just enough Water to make the batter
Ghee for frying
Sometimes a little gram flour is added if the Jalebisi aren’t turning crisp
In case the jalebis dont fluff up, add a 1/4 tsp Baking Soda
For the syrup:
1kg sugar 250gm water

2gm kesar
Make the sugar syrup and set aside.
To make the batter, add the yeast to the flour and use just enough water to make the batter a little runny.
Heat the ghee for frying. Pour the batter into a squeezy bottle or a plastic piping bag in order to pipe the batter into the hot ghee to make these funnel cakes.
As the jalebi turns golden, flip it and drain before plopping it into the sugar syrup.
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