Indonesian food

Indonesian Food

Indonesian Food doesn’t get the kind of place in the spotlight it deserves. Its close competitors in brilliance, Thai food and even Malaysian food are well recognized and given their due across the world but somehow Indonesian food gets hidden amongst other Pan-Asian dishes and just one or two dishes such as Nasi Goreng or Rendang are shown off. Even a global melting pot such as New York doesn’t boast of a noteworthy Indonesian restaurant.

There is however a world of amazing dishes to be found in Indonesian cuisine, from the well known Nasi and Mie Goreng and Beef Rendang to the less known Soto Mie and Tempe Balado. There are different cuisines within Indonesia that are each delicious in their own right such as the almost Indian-like Padang, the slightly sweet, coconut laden Javanese cuisine, the spicier Balinese dishes and food that has Chinese, Dutch, Indian and even Arab influences.

Street food in Indonesia is varied and amazing. You can eat every one of your week’s meals from hawkers and stalls in various streets across the country and not have to repeat a dish. While we try and introduce you to the best of Indonesian food this week, try this simple recipe for Sambal, a spicy chili paste used as a condiment with fried snacks or even added to a meal to give it a spice kick or a flavour boost.

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