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My friends couldn’t stop raving about the delicious food at Imbiss so one Friday evening, I decided to give it a try. And boy, am I glad I did! Hidden behind St. Stanislaus High School, just off Hill road, Imbiss is a small, simple, no frills joint. And their specialty is meat! If you fancy meat, be it chicken, pork, beef or duck, Imbiss is definitely a place you should try.

On my first visit (yes, I’ve made a number of visits since then), I tried out the Chicken Escalopes, the Signature Sausage Platter and the Fried Duck Egg.

The Chicken Escalopes with fries is a plate of flattened chicken breast fried in bread crumbs and served with fries and a garlic mayo dip. The meat is tender, well cooked, nicely seasoned. The fries are crisp and salted just right. The garlic mayo dip perfectly complements the meat. The Signature Sausage platter is a simple dish of perfectly cooked chicken and pork sausages served with the same delicious fries and while the dish may be easy enough to make at home, the stir fried sausages served here are just fantastic. And the Fried Duck Egg served with fried onions looks like a regular chicken egg with a slightly bigger yolk, but when you taste the yolk, the flavor is much richer and tastier than chicken eggs.

In my next few trips to Imbiss, I tried the Beef Roast, the Spare Ribs, the Hamburger, the Bavarian Ham & Cheese sandwich and the Cumberland Sausage. The Beef Roast was well marinated, perfectly seasoned, nicely cooked and served with a delicious gravy and mashed potatoes. The Spare Ribs were cooked perfectly, a little on the sweet side but still delicious and their Hamburger with Extra Cheese is a really good burger, juicy and melt in your mouth. The Bavarian Ham & Cheese sandwich is a tasty little appetizer and the Cumberland Sausage is a good grilled pork sausage. Another simple meat dish cooked to perfection.

That’s a whole lot of meat and most of it is pretty darn good. So grab a group of friends and head off to the new “meating joint”. Yes, that’s what Imbiss calls itself – the “meating” joint.

14 Ben-O-Lil Haven CHS, Varoda Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai, Number: +91 8454946413

3, Pipewala Building, 4th Pasta Lane, Colaba, Mumbai, Number: +91 22 22020455


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