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India’s Best Ice Cream Parlours

We’ve been on a bit of an ice cream kick this week but with the kind of weather we’re having in Bombay, can you blame us? Even though we’ve discovered the joy of homemade ice cream, it’s always fun heading out with a partner-in-dessert-crime to your nearest ice cream parlour, taste testing the various flavours on display, picking out a whimsical ice cream creation and digging into it with delight.

Here are some of our favourites and some of the most highly recommended ice cream parlours around the country:


Naturals: Natural fruit flavours are their highlight. Watermelon flavoured ice cream that tastes unbelievably fresh, Tender Coconut, Sitaphal and every seasonal fruit you can image.

Bachelorrs: A tall glass of strawberries topped with lush dollops of cream, people travel all kinds of distances to get a taste of this best seller and their other ice creams.

Gokul: Like Naturals, they make ice creams using malai and fresh fruit and their ice creams taste light and refreshing. Seasonal ice creams like mango and strawberry are always best sellers.

K Rustom: Getting an ice cream sandwich at K Rustom and eating it as you walk along Marine Drive fills one with a sense of nostalgia for simpler times and good clean fun


Nirulas: Their Hot Chocolate Fudge can’t be beat. Scoops of vanilla ice cream, candied nuts and delicious fudge poured over and under and all through. Travelling to Delhi and having an HCF is almost a ritual for many.

Giani’s: Always fully packed, this Greater Kailash ice cream parlour is known for it’s sundaes, fresh fruit flavoured ice creams, fruit creams and large variety of flavours.

Giani: 100% vegetarian ice creams, this brand is another Old Delhi favorite, popular for many flavours, faloodas, milkshakes and other icy treats they’ve been serving up since 1956.

Roshan di Kulfi: A Karol Bagh institute, they’ve been dishing out delicious kulfis for years and years and opinion is sometimes divided about how good their kulfi is but we think it’s worth finding out for yourself.


Corner House: – Located in a beautiful green space (as is most of Bangalore), this ice cream parlour has its roots in Nirula’s and therefore also serves up a delicious Hot Chocolate Fudge along with other signature sundaes such as the incredibly popular Death by Chocolate.

Lakeview Milk Bar: With the words Milk Bar in the name, you know you’re in for a little retro fun. Established in 1936, this place is a fun spot for a spot of dessert after a night out, serving fresh fruit flavours like Litchee as well as the ever popular Hot Chocolate Fudge.


Famous Ice Cream: Located in Mozamjahi Market and probably the oldest ice cream parlour in the city, they serve soft handmade ice creams in fruit flavours and their special is a large, memorable sundae – Famous Special Ice Cream – a large portion of three flavours of ice cream, nuts and  butterscotch sauce.

Ohri’s: An old late night favorite for their midnight buffet, they have a great representation of the Hot Chocolate Fudge that goes down a treat at about 2AM.


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