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George Panjim: Goan cuisine

The Immaculate Conception church in Goa has been featured in innumerable movies and in some ways is to Goa what India Gate is to Delhi. Right near the footsteps of the Church near a messy T- junction is a blink-and-miss restaurant called George.

George has gone through many versions from a smoky bar to its current avatar that maintains the old bar feel on the ground floor and has a plasticky air conditioned first floor. The one thing that has, thankfully, remained consistent is gorgeous food.

After being introduced to this place 5 years ago, George has become an annual pilgrimage for us. George relies on a mix of fresh fish, home ground spices and feni to make sure that we keep our appointment.

This time around we went for a traditional fish curry & rice meal which was a Surmai in a red coconut gravy with the right hint of kokum, not overpowering at all. We also chose a Crab Cafrael. Now Cafrael is normally something that works well with meat but George does a damn good job with the crab. It’s messy, sloppy, but gorgeously tasty treat, the sweetness of the crab meat balanced with the rich spiciness of the green curry.
All of this is of course washed down with some Coconut Feni.

Now to head to the beach and get some of the susegad vibe going on.

Church Square, Althino, Panaji, Goa

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