Festive Season Food Gifts

Here's our festive range of delicious sweet and savory delights, to give to friends and family or to stock up for when you have visitors this festive season.

Festive season in India is about bright lights, family visits, card parties and most of all, delicious food! But in addition to these festivities, it is also a time for giving and receiving gifts and the best kind are those that delight the taste buds.

Here’s our festive range of delicious sweet and savory delights, to give to friends and family or to stock up for when you have visitors this festive season.

Try out these options and have a fantastic festive season!

AgraFlavours of Agra Box
Direct from Agra, this box has a variety of fresh, delicious Pethas such as the juicy Angoori Pethas, Paan Petha filled with fragrant Gulkand and the classic Sukha Petha along with the savory Agra specialty, Daal Moth. For delivery in Mumbai only, Rs. 440

Agra Ka Daal Moth
A specialty of Agra, this Daal Moth is a delicious mix of lentils, nuts and spices. Perfect for snacking by the spoonful and will keep you coming back for more. Available across India, Rs. 190

Achari Mathri
Another specialty of Agra, this is a cruncy, savoury biscuit with a tangy pickle masala sandwiched in between flaky layers. A perfect tea-time snack that’ll keep you coming back. Available across India, Rs. 295diwali

Gift Jars
Lovely glass jars containing delicious treats of your choosing:
Angoori Petha + Daal Moth – Rs. 220
Daal Moth + Petha + Ribbon Pakoda – Rs. 260
Fresh baked Naankhatai + Ribbon Pakoda – Rs. 180
Email us at contact@eatopia.in for details on how to order these.

Sugar free Ladoossugar-free
These delicious sugar-free Laddoos are a healthy version of the staple Indian sweet. Made with black dates and boosted with healthy nuts and seeds, they come in flavours like Pepper or Cinnamon to make each mouthful an exciting experience. Available across India, 6 pack: Rs.20412 pack: Rs.408

And the perfect Diwali gift boxes for close family, friends and DIY enthusiasts are the Eatelish Delights Spice Box, the Southern Heat Box and even the Kerala Box.

Happy Diwali!

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