Farmer’s Market Brunch

The new location for the Farmer's Market in Bombay is almost dream-like. Set in a pretty green glade in Mahim Nature Park
Organic gola icy summer treats

Farmer's market

The new location for the Farmer’s Market in Bombay is almost dream-like. Set in a pretty green glade in Mahim Nature Park, the Farmer’s Market is an excellent new brunch destination.

As you step into the market area, you are surrounded by trees, lush green grass underfoot, little picnic tables in a corner, happy children frolicking around you, and fantastic food smells wafting through the air. Not at all a typical Sunday brunch setting in Bombay.

While we realize it’s a market and the main purpose of a visit should ideally be to stock up on your organic vegetables, the market’s food stalls serve up a fantastic, wholesome, delicious variety of food that left us wholly satisfied.

As we walked around the market with it’s slightly festive feel, checking out the stalls as well as the lovely people there, we stopped for some refreshing golas, crushed ice topped with organic syrups in citrusy flavors.

With some masala sprinkled on top of our golas, they tasted like a delicious, ice cold nimbu paani, perfect for the sultry day we visited.
You might have a hard time choosing between the meal options as everything looks so good, from Sarita Gogia’s (of Organic Treats) famous organic red rice dosas to the organic rotis and pithla at the Sahi Tiffin counter. We finally chose Sarita’s crisp and buttery red rice dosas with a heaping helping of the divine chutney that is so good everybody goes back for a second scoop.

Farmers market








As we ate, we already knew we needed to save space for the amazing display of muffins, brownies and other treats we saw over at Electra’s Organic Bakery. There were organic, gluten free chocolate as well as orange muffins, dark and delicious chocolate brownies, oatmeal & raisin and chocolate chip cookies, fresh bread and plenty more. We tasted everything that was laid out on the tasting stand and went home with a box of carrot cake muffins, orange muffins, and some chocolate brownies that are probably the best we’ve ever had.

farmers market







The food stalls at the market are stocked with food that looks and smells delicious, but what makes it a fantastic Bombay experience is the people. The vendors at the market are always friendly and ready to chat with you about their food and there is an open, welcoming feeling at the market. Everybody seems to be in their best mood and if you’re new to the city, this is a fantastic place to meet new people. We highly recommend skipping the usual boozy brunches and heading to Mahim Nature Park for a wholesome, happy, fun Sunday brunch.

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