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Breakfast of Champions

Doesn’t that look like a bright and wholesome way to start your day? Sighhh..

While we don’t get such luscious berries at our mandis, we can still start our day just as deliciously in our homes. What we need is some unsweetened muesli (like Bagry’s) and some imagination. A fantastic base to build your own breakfast bowl.

You can dress your bowl of muesli and almost anything tossed in with it will work wonderfully. You could add a few toasted almonds, even raw will do in a pinch. Toss in some kismis, some chopped up dried anjeer,  really any combination of nuts and fruit that you like. Add some fresh fruits like slices of banana, apples – chopped or grated or mangoes, peaches or strawberries when they’re in season. Sprinkle some toasted coconut into your bowl for that beautiful warmth.  And top it up with a dollop of yogurt for a creamy, tangy, bright breakfast. If you like your breakfast muesli sweeter, you could sweeten with a little swirl of maple syrup, a little teaspoon of honey or even a little jam or fruit preserve.

‘…bejeweled with fruit and luxurious in the way only good food can be.’

The brilliance of this is the flexibility and wholesomeness of a rushed breakfast that is still bejeweled with fruit and luxurious in the way only good food can be. If you don’t like a particular nut or fruit, skip it. If you prefer milk to yogurt, it’s still delicious. If you like it crunchy, prepare just before you eat. If you like it softer and comforting, you could prep and store this as early as the night before in your fridge. You could warm it in the microwave if you like. It’s a filling, satisfying and rejuvenating start to the day and with the kind of lives we lead, a little rejuvenation at any point in the day is to be embraced.

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