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Bread Talk has been something of a temptation for me for many long years of my life. First when I’d walk past a Bread Talk store on visits to Singapore with the smells coming from the store a siren’s song to me. I never did go in and satisfy that temptation because the long wait and the healthy eating mother were a good deterrent.

Then when they finally opened stores in Jakarta, again, the siren’s perfume drove me to salivate with desire. And this time the lines were absolutely worth the wait. This was the first time I felt the light, airy, kiss of pleasure that is the Japanese Cheesecake, the wonderful buttery chocolate croissants laved in semi-sweet chocolate, turning a breakfast food darkly sinful, and the meaty, bready treats, savory and warming and bursting with flavor.

And now, since Bread Talk opened in India, I’ve been lucky enough to have a branch near me since the beginning. I’ve treated myself to a deserving, after-office, stress-busting, carbo-laden treat on many an evening, shared airy cheesecakes and light-hearted gigglefests with colleagues turned girlfriends, even brought home muffins the night before to serve as a refuelling breakfast the morning after.

And now after a break, I once again live so close to a Bread Talk that it’s almost too close for comfort, waistline-wise. After such a long relationship, when you know every flavor on offer, it’s rare that something fantastic and new reignites the senses. But Bread Talk has done just that. I can’t get their brownie off my mind. There’s just the one kind. It’s a dark, oozing beauty, topped with browned cashew nuts, and a perfect sugary thin crust that crackles enticingly when you finally give in and get in there with a spoon. Every bite is fudgy, delicious and melt-in-your mouth and there’s a sure sense that this is a triple chocolate brownie, confirmed when you bite into a melting nub of a chocolate chip. A crunchy, sugary crackle throughout keeps things interesting with every bite and there’s a dark edge which I feel sure is a secret splash of coffee.

This brownie is driving me mad and making me want to visit more often than I should. It’s stirring new life right through this steady, comfortable relationship.

Bread Talk is a self-serve bakery.

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