Bombay Bar food

Bombay Bar Food

When we were younger, there was an occasional treat where an adult, always male, would come home with parcels of finger licking delicious butter chicken that we would absolutely devour. This was a rare treat and if we ever wanted to go eat at ‘that butter chicken’ place, the answer was always no and shrouded in mystery. Until one day where it was unavoidable and the family drove up to the place. But even then we just sat in the car while a boy came to take our order. The family didn’t go and eat at the local bar. It just wasn’t done.

The quintessential Indian bar – a small place where people would go to unwind of an evening. Almost always slightly seedy looking, not the place for families. But the redeeming quality these local bars seem to have in common? They nearly always manage to serve fresh, fast and addictively delicious bar food.

An ode to some of the best bar food to be found in Bombay neighborhoods:

1. National: This is the finger licking butter chicken place! Tender shreds of roasted chicken in thick red gravy. Perfectly balanced sweet and spicy. Santacruz West – 022 26150547

2. Anjali Palace: About a block away from National hidden behind a bus stop is Anjali Palace. The crisp Kioliwada prawns, egg curry and chicken tikka biryani are a treat. Santacruz West – 022 26050107.

3. Hari Prasad: This place serves the best Indian chinese chilly chicken. Laden with soya, next time you crave Indo-China Chicken chilli, reach out to Hariprasad. Marol – 022 29205559

4. Amber Bar:  Located on the busy street leading to Bandra station opposite the Bandra Talao is Amber Bar.  Our pick from Amber bar is the Chicken curry and Rice- true north Indian style gravy with tender, juicy chicken legs. When you want wholesome, satisfying food, Amber Bar has the answer. Bandra – 022 26436288

5. Toto’s Garage: Another Bandra destination, this place does such good Omelete Pav, Kheema Pav and Masala peanuts. And there’s something about their fries and ketchup. Not sure if the alcohol makes us appreciate it more but they are delicious. Bandra – 022 26005494


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