Bombay speical rasberry

Bombay Special

Dukes Raspberry , Bombay Sandwich. Here’s a short list of distinctly Bombay specialties to eat, drink or take home if you’re visiting

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orange olive oil cake recipes

Orange Olive Oil Cake

This cake has a wonderful fruity roundedness in each mouthful that comes from the extra virgin olive oil in it as well as the gorgeous orange zest and juice. With beautiful golden crusty edges and a moist crumb, this cake feels delicate and richly satisfying at the same time.

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Salted peanut caramel in a bowl of ice cream.

Salted Peanut Caramel

That oozing, creamy, dark salted peanut caramel taste balances out the sundae with its saltiness, making every mouthful a mellow and flavorful treasure.

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Walnut brownie with flower pattern sugar coat

Walnut Brownies

This delicious recipe for eggless walnut brownies was shared with us by Kaeya, a bright 16 year old who interned with us for a short while.

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Dried Poha

Konkani Sukke Poha

As a Poha lover, I’ve had countless variations – with onions, without onions, with vegetables, with peanuts, with sugar even, with tomatoes in some places..

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