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Eatelish Delights Chocolate Collection

Experience the gorgeous spices and flavours of India, enveloped in smooth, dark chocolate.

Mellow cinnamon, dark and delicious coffee, fragrant clove, refreshing paan and tingling ajwain chocolates, handcrafted and individually wrapped. And a delicious 62% cocoa bar of ginger chocolate created by Bean Therapy.

The perfect gift for chocolate lovers.

Blessy’s Chocolate Cake

Conversation flows easy over deliciously moist, perfectly sweetened slices of chocolate cake. Topped with a delicious chocolate ganache, each slice.

Healthy Chocolate Pancakes

These pancakes have no flour whatsoever and are sweetened with honey and the natural sweetness of bananas. These are dark, delicious, chocolate pancakes.

hot chocolate

Rich Hot Chocolate Mix

A super easy recipe to make your own hot chocolate mix that you can store in a jar and pull out when you want to make incredibly creamy cups of cocoa.

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