6 Rice Dishes To Love

jumjoji Biryani

Sometimes nothing hits the spot like a bowl full of comfort food. Pretty high on our list of comfort is Rice in it’s various forms. Whether as a pulao, a khichri, a quick dish of rice and Indonesian style beans, or a simple and delicious Daal Chawal.

Here are 6 Rice Dishes we love and keep coming back to:

Coconut Rice

A flavourful Coconut rice dish from Tamil Nadu where a variety of quick rice dishes are a standard in the kitchens of busy home cooks. You can get our version with peanuts to add some crunch right here and create a hearty and wholesome Coconut rice meal super fast. Get the rice mix here.

Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice is another specialty of Tamil Nadu and the Lemon Rice mix you can get in the Eatelish shop makes an incredible lemony, fresh tasting and aromatic rice dish that has just the right amount of heat and tang to satisfy completely. A delight to eat and perfect when you’ve got a large pot of rice leftover. Get it here.

Malabar Biryani

We can never say enough about this dish. Not quick and easy but a dish that is worth the time and effort as it will leave people speechless as they work through their plate of the tastiest Biryani they’ve ever had. The Malabar Biryani Masala available at the Eatelish shop is made of whole spices from Cochin’s spice market and these beautiful, fragrant spices are dry roasted, ground and used as a masala to prepare India’s finest Biryani – The Malabar Biryani. Aromatic, delicate, delicious. Get it here.

Pudina Sadam

A fragrant and exceptionally flavorful mint rice dish from Tamil Nadu. This little Pudina Sadam mix will set you on your way to creating your own Mint Rice in super quick time. Just add rice and the mix will do the rest. Get it here.


We can’t have a list of comforting rice dishes without mentioning the Bengali khichuri. A perfect balance of rice and pulses and salt, sugar and spices, Khichuri is an instant mood lifter. In sickness and in health, it is the perfect companion. Get the recipe here.

Parsi Mutton Pulao

Parsi Mutton Pulao is a fragrant and slightly tangy preparation with succulent meat, and browned onions strewn over the top to add another layer of flavor. Most Mutton Pulao recipes use whole spices for fragrance and flavor but Gulnar’s recipe is simpler and uses powdered Masalas that can be found readymade such as Dhansaak Masala, Tandoori Chicken Masala and the very Parsi Dhanajeeru. Get the recipe here.



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