10 Movie Food Scenes That Stayed With Us

Movie scenes that lovingly celebrate food with frames that glow, making the food look so lush you can almost taste it, these scenes stay with us and make us hungry long long after the movie is over.

1. Chocolat – This scene where a luscious dollop of whipped cream is spooned onto a cup full of thick hot chocolate has been our ideal for how hot chocolate should be.

2. Inglourious bastards – Apple strudel and cream never looked this good and eating never felt this stressful

3. Pulp Fiction – The $5 Milkshake. One imagines it will be thick, deliciously flavoured and so so satisfying. If you want to bring this experience to life, the malted milkshakes at Johnny Rockets come close.

4. Big Night – This movie is such a good watch and these scene in particular, this is what it’s like in quiet kitchens in the morning, cooking breakfast for family and friends. And my egg whisking technique changed after this movie.

5. Tampopo – How to eat ramen. The love and respect for food in this scene, living so richly in the moment, beautiful.

6. The Grand Budapest Hotel – The Courtesan au Chocolate and this video is just too delightful for words. If you only watch one clip in this post, watch this one. And watch this movie! It is a jewel just like the confection created for it.

7. Julie and Julia – The entire movie is an ode to a woman that celebrated food in an unparalleled manner. And this scene in particular, before she became the woman we know her as now, captures her spirit deliciously. Butter!

8. Ratatouille – Every scene in the kitchen is luscious. Watch the movie if you haven’t. Anyone can cook!

9. Chef – This movie is like a quick ride through America, tasting the best local foods around the country. This scene where the Grilled Cheese sandwich of our dreams is getting made is just one small example of the fantastic food scenes filling this movie

10. Lady and the Tramp – An adorable movie that made spaghetti and meatballs romantic with this scene.


11. It’s Complicated – This movie wasn’t as memorable as the others on this list but the kitchen and the chocolate croissants from this scene were.

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