10 aphrodisiac foods to set the mood

10 aphrodisiac foods to set the mood...some of these will surprise you...
Pear Tart just pulled out of the microwave

10 aphrodisiac foods to set the mood…some of these will surprise you:

Almonds – Whether its Valentines Day or an anniversary or even a birthday, try this amazing Pear Frangipane Tart and knock your partner’s socks off. Chocolate pieces

Chocolate – An oldie but a goodie. There’s no going wrong with a good solid chocolate dessert and here are a few treats to try

Bananas – Make this delicious banana bread and win the evening!

Red Pepper PestoBasil – Hey Pesto! Who knew a little basil gets things going in the love department. This brilliant Roasted Red Pepper pesto with basil and feta is just the ticket.

Vanilla – There’s something about the seductive, deeply flavoured notes of real vanilla that makes desserts delicious. Try this homemade chocolate ice cream, made delicious with real Vanilla.

Chili – The heat of a chili apparently sets parts besides the tongue on fire as well. This Chilli Chicken recipe is a savoury delight.  strawberry recipe chocolate

Strawberry – You know how cliched chocolate covered strawberries are? Well there’s a reason. Bite into one and you’ll see.

Pomegranate –  Deep ruby jewels that leave your lips looking lusciously red, no wonder the fruit is an aphrodisiac. A heady champagne cocktail is the perfect delivery system for the tart juiciness of pomegranate.

BeetrootFigs – Cut figs into quarters, stopping just before you reach the bottom. Stuff the figs with goats cheese and drizzle some honey over the top. Try some honey from our shop.

Beetroot – While the vegetable isn’t everyone’s favourite, these chips are the perfect way to get some of this aphrodisiac into your partner and you.

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