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[teaser boxed=”yes” link=”https://www.eatelish.com/6-rice-dishes-to-love/” image=”https://www.eatelish.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Jumjoji1.jpg” title=”6 Rice Dishes to Love!” image_position=”center”]

Sometimes nothing hits the spot like a bowl full of comfort food. Pretty high on our list of comfort is Rice in it’s various forms. Whether as a pulao, a khichri, a quick dish of rice and Indonesian style beans, or a simple and delicious Daal Chawal. Here are 6 Rice Dishes we love and keep coming back to….[/teaser]


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[teaser boxed=”yes” link=”https://www.eatelish.com/in-season-spring-onions/” image=”https://www.eatelish.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/photo-10.jpg” title=”In Season: Spring Onions” image_position=”center”]

Spring onions so often get treated as just a garnish or a passing addition to ‘Chinese’ dishes, it’s a little sad. Especially when they can play such a great starring role…..[/teaser]


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[teaser boxed=”yes” link=”https://www.eatelish.com/winter-greens-sarson-ka-saag/” image=”https://www.eatelish.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Ginger-Pickle1-575×262.jpg” title=”Winter Greens: Sarson ka Saag” image_position=”center”]

Mustard for most hindi film lovers is a field of yellow flowers to run through in slow motion. For foodies however it is a pungent kick in the taste that adds layers to any nondescript fish or vegetable. From Coleman’s mustard to the Bengali Sorshe Bata, mustard is a versatile little seed that can do wonders. Today we’re going to talk about mustard leaves and the quintessential Punjabi dish – Sarson ka Saag. A staple of the season, we bring you two recipes for Mustard leaves – the Punjabi version as well as a simple and distinct Bihari version…..[/teaser]



Customer testimonials

[testimonial class=”box-container” author=”Abhilash Kuttisankaran: Godrej Natures Basket” note=”Mumbai” image=”http://www.eatelish.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Box-stack.jpg”]

Just wanted to let you know that your range is simply mindblowing and it has left the customers asking for more! It’s a perfect solution for all those who miss their roots and reliving your childhood memories. Keep up the good work. [/testimonial]


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