Every recipe has a history and story, we've handpicked and curated a number of products whose stories are vibrant as the product itself
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Chicken Pickles

Bringing you Chicken Pickle inspired by the tastes of 5 different regions from around India

Instant Rice Flavor Mix

A quick and easy meal to make in under 10 minutes available in 5 different flavors

Exotic Spices

Exotic Spices from around India made through traditional methods passed down through generations

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Why buy from Eatelish?

Eatelish is a curated marketplace and a platform for the country’s artisan food makers to reach our tables. Our product range consists of handpicked and artisanal food from around India across various categories such as Spices, Snacks, Condiments , Drink Mixes, Instant Rice Flavor Pack and More Coming Soon.

When you buy from Eatelish you don’t only just support our company but you support a network of artisans who are bringing you products from their regions. Authentic, handmade products, through traditional cooking methods and adding to their palate and making them an Artisinal Indian in touch with the roots and traditions all Indians value and share FOOD. Bringing all parts of India to your dining table for a wholesome meal with family and friends.


What they say about us!

Tried the spicy Kerala chicken pickle and it was really yummy. Loved it. So authentic. My friends thank me for the suggestion, will definitely recommend other buyers to try it once.

Bani Oberoi

Had ordered for bihari bhuna masala a week back. Was really mesmerized with the fresh fragrance of the powdered spice. A must try for North Indian food lovers!

Deepika Binyala

I have used this product and it is really good . Happy to find a site that will deliver this product to Hyderabad as we do not get this masala anywhere easily . Thank your eatelish.

Edwin Rodrigues

Greetings from Eatelish!

We are a gourmet food brand that focuses on handmade products by artisans across India. Our range consists of categories such as: Spices, Condiments, Snacks, Drink Mixes, Instant Rice Mixes & More Coming soon.

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