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About Eatelish

Eatelish is a curated marketplace and a platform for the country’s artisan food makers to reach our tables. Our product range consists of handpicked and artisanal food from around India across various categories such as Spices, Snacks, Condiments , Drink Mixes, instant rice flavor pack and more coming soon.

We started Eatelish as a celebration of wonderful food and warm stories about food, cooking, flavours and experiences and now, we are helping people discover the exciting variety of food made by great artisan food makers across India. Along with that, we are introducing people to local ingredients and cooking methods found in towns and cultures across the country.

We also write about food we enjoy, conversations we’ve had, recipes from real kitchens from all over India and sometimes, around the world, restaurant experiences we want to share and the food spirits of cities.

We’re two women who love to eat, love to travel and love to talk about the things we love, with professional backgrounds in sales and marketing but, mainly with serious backgrounds in eating, discovering, cooking and sharing.

Greetings from Eatelish!

Every recipe has a history and story, we’ve handpicked and curated a number of products whose stories are vibrant as the product itself. Passed down through generations from parent to child. Eatelish is an idea that helps you discover these stories and get a taste of it brought to your doorstep. Eatelish is a food brand that focuses on Indian, handmade and artisanal products to the urban customer. We work with rural and remote artisan food makers across India and make their delicious food available to the masses.

We are a gourmet food brand that focuses on handmade products by artisans across India. Our range consists of categories such as:

Spices, Condiments, Snacks, Drink Mixes, Instant Rice Mixes & More Coming soon.

Why Eatelish?

Eatelish started as a blog with one idea in mind the love of Food in India. Eatelish wants to bring you the authentic tastes of the various regions around India. All our products are handmade, through traditional cooking methods. Eatelish wants to preserve and experience the Indian food culture history that India has to offer. Bringing you products that add value to the lives of the of our consumers and provide them with healthy and nutritious products that they can share with their family and friends.

Why buy from Eatelish?

When you buy from Eatelish you don’t only just support our company you also support a network of artisans who are bringing you products from their regions. Authentic, handmade products, through traditional cooking methods and adding to your palate and making you a Artisinal Indian in touch with the roots and traditions all Indians value and share FOOD. Bringing all parts of India to your dining table for a wholesome meal with family and friends.

Eatelish wants every home in India & around the world to have access to handmade and artisanal products from around India brought to their doorstep or through one of our retail partners. We hope to bring you treasures from around India to share with your friends and family. To preserve and experience the Indian food culture history that India has to offer. Through our marketing we hope to allow Artisans to show their craft on a private and corporate level allowing the food cultures and dishes new life on a platform that allows them to do what they love. COOK!

Our Team

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Our Mission

To discover and create a community of artisans from different cultures and communities and help bring their products to the modern consumer 

Our Vision

To create value in the long-term by bringing consumers curated products from the different food cultures of India.

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